Structure is good. Good for paradigms. That word looks like 'parade' almost. March in order. Left then right. Salute. Look up and then look down. I was 18 years old when I got off the bus at Lackland AFB for basic training. I have never been yelled at so much in my life. Even though my dad was hard on me (which I'm grateful for), nothing had really prepared me for this shock and awe. We spent 8 hours on a Saturday making our beds over and over. 4:30 AM arrived every morning with a trumpet blast. In 5 minutes we would be downstairs standing at attention singing the US Air Force song with a hell of a roar. Breakfast, lunch and dinner started sitting at attention and guzzling 3 glasses of water before you could touch your food. Actually, I still do that except for the attention part. Dehydration causes too many everyday problems. Most people go around dehydrated. I was in the drum and bugle corps flight. We played parades instead of kitchen duty. I loved the military. Spent time in Vanuatu. The Kwajalein Atoll. Bolivia. The Azores. Crete. St. Lucia. Athens. After 8 years it was time to get out. I needed to grow my hair out while I still had some. I needed music to be less predictable. I needed out of this paradigm. More space to improvise.

David PflegerComment