Stacey and I were recently in New England and happened upon this boat cruise out into the Atlantic. As we entered the boat everybody rushed to the front. I guess that is the preferred place to be? Not me. I headed for the onboard bar, grabbed a whiskey and hung out at the back of the boat for the entirety of the ride. I didn't sit. I leaned on the rail next to the American flag. The tour was very informative. Lots of history here. Lots of brutal history. Lots of very brutal history. And here I am coasting along with a Maker's Mark headed back to port that has all kinds of cool restaurants, bars and places where you buy things. And that's what the flag stands for: I can ride this fancy boat in peace and tranquillity and make it back safe and sound in my cozy bed. I never took a knee on that boat. 

flag atlantic.jpg