A Holiday About Eating

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a good holiday. Not a lot of hooplah invovled. No big expectations to prepare for. It's a good thing to be a person of gratitude. Actually it's imperative if you want any peace in your life. I live in Texas. People complain about the heat. I love the heat. The burning sensation. The sweat. The torture of it. The fact that it's not cold. I can go outside without a shirt and it feels great. I've learned how to embrace the heat. I'm thankful for the heat. It may not feel good in certain ways but in other ways it's fantastic. See, it's not so bad if you have a thankful attitude towards it. This goes with anything in life. I'm also thankful for all the food that I'm not going to eat on Thanksgiving Day. In years past I used to eat till I was in pain. Why? The thing to do. Then watch football. Not anymore. I don't need that much food. Nobody does. So why spend a holiday doing just that? The calorie count is thru the roof. I remember years ago I had a relative who had a giant belly. This guy would eat himself into oblivion. Then he would crash on the lazyboy with his belly sky high. That belly looked like a tight balloon you could pop with a pin. Yeah, this uncle really needed all that gluttonous comfort food. Maybe he was extra thankful? The 17th century pilgrims regarded Thanksgiving as a prayerful fasting. Fasting means you don't eat. 

I really admire the families who volunteer at the local shelters on Thanksgiving Day and serve dinner to people in much dire situations. But what about serving tomorrow and the next day? Everybody has to eat everyday. The problem with this is you have multiple families wanting to do this all on the same day usually all at the same time. Maybe we could spread it around. Some of the families could spend Thanksgiving in July serving dinner. Some in April. Some in September. But then it wouldn't be the same. It's not November. It's not cold outside. There's no football. It wouldn't be the thing to do.

Growing up in grade school we would celebrate Thanksgiving by dressing up as Indians and pilgrims. It was so cute. You know the Indians and pilgrims all getting along so nicely. Eventually the white man either slaughtered all the Indians or forced them from their homes to undesirable locations. Am I thankful for that? No. But there's nothing I can do about it now. I'll eat something on Thursday. Not sure what. Doesn't really matter. I know my needs will be met when I get there. And for that I'm thankful.