Me Start A Blog?

When the term 'blog' revealed itself 15 years ago, I thought ‘why would anybody just tell their thoughts to the world?’. 'Why make yourself so known and exposed?' After reading some blogs over the years I found myself really benefiting from other people’s writings. I also liked the interaction between the blogger and readers. I’m not one to talk a lot but I do have a lot to say. So I’m starting a blog!

My vision is that these writings and discussions become a safe haven and an encouragement for readers. A good majority of my topics will be on music. I’ll share various stories of my years working as a self-employed musician.

I did not take the road most often traveled.

I’m a lone ranger.

The insights I have gathered over the years are quite immense. I will also talk about life issues. A musician’s lifestyle is quite different than the norm. Especially when it comes to being married to Stacey. We’ve been married 25 years. We might as well round it up to 30 years because that’s how long we’ve been together.

I met her smile at age 16.

Then there is Andie. Our 20 year old daughter. The stories are abundant when it comes to being a parent and raising a family as a freelance artist.


Music. Lifestyle. Family. It all morphs into each other as one big ever-changing cloud. I’m very happy to share all of this with you.

I’ve been told as of lately that I have a great story to tell.

Ok. So I will.

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