David is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, creator, improvisationist, artist and performer. He raised a family as a working musician. He has been married to Stacey for 25 years. Everyday they get up and grin at each other.

I'm a musician. It doesn't matter what the music is. I love it all. I like to play it, sing it, compose it, record it, teach it, listen to it, really anything. I also love my time without music. The natural sounds of life around me. There's a lot of 'music' in that. My occupation as a musician started at age 16. I received my first paycheck from a church for playing in their orchestra. Since then I have worked in party bands, country bands, brass quintets, marching bands, polka bands, jazz bands, lots of bands, you get the idea. I have also worked as a private instructor to hundreds of students. I've been a judge, an accompanist, and a clinician. I've composed music for various film and TV projects. I've worked as a church music director and worship leader. I've been a bandleader, music arranger and sound guy. I've been on a record label (ooh! I sound so important when saying that. Really that's just a loan you're gonna have to pay back!) I served in the United States Air Force band traveling the world (one of the best things I ever did). But mostly what I've done is my own thing. All these paradigms listed above are all great but they are nothing more that filling in a preconceived box. However I will say this, I executed all of these jobs in my own way so no art was lost. Hey, they paid all of my bills and more. Working as a musician is not an easy road to take and it's not for everyone. It's actually a hard thing to pull off. Especially when you are raising a family on one income. You better have talent or some degree of natural ability. I like to call it a 'super power'. You better not just do one thing or even just two or three things. You better be executing multiple things. Wear MANY different hats. Be diverse. You need to be more than willing to do the things most people don't want to do. Be uncomfortable. Do things that are sometimes ridiculous. You will work hard. You will also develop many diverse skills in the process. You will also live a very much different lifestyle than the norm (this fits me very well). You will miss out on the predictable 'normal' things of life (more than fine by me). But you will gain a life like no other. And that's what I did. My own thing.